Social Media Marketing Services Irvine CA USA

Social Media Marketing is all about Engage your audience and Increase
brand awareness.


As of March 2017, Facebook have over 1.86 billion active users per month and increasing at a rate of 17% per year! Such a number of potential customers can not be ignored, and they need to be able to find your company on their wall.

SEO Company USA offers you social media consultancy and ultimate solution to all of your social media marketing problems. Social Media marketing is more complex and follows dynamic approach. Only a professional like SEO Company USA can help you get your word out to a majority of people available in social media platforms, in fact your word will get out to more than half of the world’s population, who is using one or other platform of social media.

We Will Help You Speak Louder

We target all social media platforms which includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. We leave no rock unturned.

We Will Help You Get Your Target Audience

Every business has its target audience. We knows that your business is unique and it requires individual attention and it has different audience. We help you achieve to reach your target audience locally as well as internationally.

Social Media Marketing & Social Media Management Company Irvine, CA, USA
We Manage Your Reputation

On social media, reputation building plays a very important role. We believe, it is our responsibility to take care of your company’s social media reputation. We systematically follow all of your social media platforms actively. Any comment from any audience will never left unanswered; We never post misleading or ambiguous statements. We don’t use any automatic software, everything is done by humans and is done for humans.

We Offer You Individual Attention

Every business is unique, we cannot run all social media marketing campaigns with one standard strategy. There is no single formula, our professionals study your business thoroughly and then formulate an social media marketing plan for your business.

Social Media Marketing Pricing

Our Social Media Marketing service prices are designed comprehensively
for diverse business objectives, business size, market size, target audience
and match competitiveness.


$ 99

Any 1 Platform

Posts Per Month: 10

Groups(Join & Network): NO

Engagement (Like /Comment/Share):

Reporting: Monthly

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$ 199

Any 2 Platform

Posts Per Month: 20

Groups(Join & Network): Yes

Engagement (Like /Comment/Share):

Reporting: Monthly

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$ 399

Any 4 Platform

Posts Per Month: 40

Groups(Join & Network): Yes

Engagement (Like /Comment/Share):

Reporting: Weekly

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$ ???

Any ? Platform

Posts Per Month: ?

Groups(Join & Network): ?

Engagement (Like /Comment/Share): ?

Reporting: ?

platforms We Support: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pintrest, Google+, YouTube